Corp Kits abbreviation of Corporate kits / LLC kits start at $32.00. If you need corporate kits, corporate seals, LLC kits, stock certificates, LLC certificates, and etc. you have found the right place.  We carry all the kits and accessories with the best quality and at the lowest price in US.

Corporate Kit Supply is a products and service provider based on California. We make kits, seals, certificates and accessories in house to reduce production cost then pass those savings to our valuable customers. We specialize in following products:-

  • Corporate Kits / Corp kits
  • Limited Liability Company Kits / LLC Kits
  • Non Profit Corporate Kits
  • Professional Corporate Kits
  • Corporate Seals
  • LLC Seals
  • Stock Certificates
  • LLC Membership Certificates


 The $32.00 corporate kits / LLC kits and accessories with regular delivery will ship in 1 (one) business day (Corporate Kit Supply is not responsible for service transit time. Transit times are provided by the carrier, exclude weekends and holidays, and may vary with package origin and destination, particularly during peak periods and the shipping method buyer selected).

Corporate Kit Supply also provide express-in-house service and expedite-in-house service for those customers who need a corporate kits / LLC kits and/or any corporation supplies at short period of time. The extra in-house express service fees are following:-

·  Extra $50.00 for express-in-house service; order must be received on orbefore10:00am PST for the same day shipment.

·  Extra $15.00 for expedite-in-house service; order must be received on orbefore1:00pm PST for the following business day shipment.


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